Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Is Planning in a Digital Stoneage

I recently read an excellent set of White papers issued by the RIBA re planning, and its almost antiquated approach to both the application method and its use of digital drawings and the data it contain.

Its not the first time I have approached this subject, but I was so pleased to see the article in the Vol 25 issue 2 issue of TcT magazine.

The White paper which the link above takes you to, consists of several different papers all loosely linked on the subject of digital planning.

Quite rightly the author takes a look at the actual application process and takes it a little further to look at the file naming structure, and the ability for search engines to find and load the application, not so simple in current planning sites.

The use of Digital applications at planning will encourage Smart City's a reality, the video below I think shows a way forward.

They mention City GML, and IFC, GML an open city standard, together with IFC and its open standard between the different CAD packages, allowing standard readers like Solibri.

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