Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Keep is becoming so interesting, but so it Google +

I know Evernote is so good, and it just has the edge over Keep, but I am finding I like to save certain information to Keep, rather than Evernote, it is easier to find, edit, and use, my book lists for instance, I have several, all labelled "Books" links I want to use, again all labelled I put pdf documents into a Drive folder and take a link and again its put into Keep this time I add a note as to why I have kept it together with the links, and several labels if I feel it belongs to different subjects.

In about a months time I am taking a Mooc Course with Warwick University looking at Data, they use "R" its a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics, I want to be up and running with it, so have stated to collect examples of its use. Each note a separate link or comments all pulled together with my label "R".

Is it not the way of life, somethings just become interesting, take Google Plus, I have not used or reviewed it for so long, yet in the last few days I have started to use it more, I like the collections, I spent a few hours last night, catching up on several subjects, like Smart Cities, and Architecture, love the open feel of this program now, yet my last use was not interesting at all.

My phone is not dead yet, Cellotape is holding it together, so at present I am reviewing my options, and a Pixel is looking so interesting, if I can find a good deal i might be tempted, but I keep coming back to my Emails, they are all in Apple Mail and for the best part, I like mail, its easy to use and I rarely lets me down, although my recent cruise did leave me wanting !.

Still I think waiting is a good position to take,  not to rush, but see what life brings, I'm sure something will come along.

Walking with my dog yesterday and I was surprised at the magnolia blossom, its not been this good, for so long, the warm weather has brought it out and keeping it fresh and full. So thats the reason for todays photo.

This Brexit thing is so complicated, I keep wondering about the whole affair, for so long its been easy to travel, now I wonder, will travelling to Europe be so easy, ok there are certain things I don't like about the EEC, but there is much I do like. My grandfather on my mothers side is Irish, should I apply for an Irish Passport, just to be on the safe side !. 

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