Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Link notes to a google Keep Record

At resent, I have several notes about books, my to read, my current reading list, and specific lists of book collections, my construction book list being huge and my Templar book collection not far behind.

I want to now link my personal notes to the list, and have found a way to do this.

So I make a new note and add my comments, thoughts and other items into the note its specific to that book, so I use the book title author and medium, ie paper or Kindle in the title.

Then before I close, I make a copy of the URL

After closing, I go to the specific book list and paste the url on the end of the book list item, see todays photo.

I also add my usual labels, this time adding book comments as the extra label.

For some reason, I find this satisfyingly acceptable, and perhaps a better way to record my thoughts rather than Evernote, ok there is probably a way to do this, but so far its eluded me.

I plan to add this concept to my photos, saved in Google Photos, a specific folder should do the trick, for example my recent flowering Magnolia collection. Although I can also do this to my Moleskin doodles, take a photo and get the link to paste it into one of my notes......... let you know

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