Thursday, 20 April 2017

My podcast list moves to Google Chrome

Most mornings, before I actually start work, I take a look at my news feeds, I start with Facebook, for no other reason than, I like to see what comments and post have been made, then I go to the serious stuff. First it's the BBC News app, always good, but then I go to my Google News App, this I like, it has a better format and display.

Then I look at a new app I am using in Google Chrome for all my Podcasts. I use my iPhone to download the same ones for walking, but in my home office, I like to control them on my Screen, I could I suppose use the iTunes and this would sync with my iPhone, but it is not easy to use, and I get so fed up trying to make it work, I went else where, and this little app is just right, I can listen as I work, it tells me if new podcasts from my list are available and I can so easily stop and continue from the main bar.

Google Keep, continues to be very useful, this morning I read a couple of interesting articles on Smart Cities, so clipped them to Keep and added multiple tags to associate them with Big data, Smart Cities and just data. The one article asks the question, what is a a smart city, and comes to some surprising conclusions, it's worth a separate blog so watch this space.

Google Earth has relaunched with some interesting updates, I did a search for Zaha Hadid and Google Earth listed several of the practices projects, I choose, for no other reason than it looked interesting, the Spitellau Viaduct Housing, but was disappointed in the way the model had been overlaid, spinning it round, the model strays over the railway track and look like its floating in midair, apart from that, I like google Earth, once you learn to use it, I can spend hours playing, Las Vagas is a must.

I have just watched several youtube video on the SunFlower, Solar Panel, this is just what the industry needs, more efficiency, self cleaning, portable, and self protecting, ausum

Is this CPD, well yes, we as Technologists need to keep up with Technology, however we can, Podcasts do that for me, and Keep is becoming increasingly important to keep, pun notes.

Google earth is also important, its the future as far as mapping is concerned.

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