Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My ToDo list become so much more with Google Keep

For so long, and I have written about it her and in other places, but my todo list have gone through so many different formats, and for a long time this been a series of paper lists that were rewritten as new item appeared and old items completed. It beat electronic versions, in as much as I just like the feel of pencil and they are always there, as I use my Moleskin to keep the lists with a sort of yellow sticky note-it as a label for the current page that had the latest list.

I even went as far as copying the page to Evernote, my goto place for all storage for a while, well a long time,,,,,, that is till I found Google.Keep.

And keep for so many reasons has transformed a lot of my note keeping and todo lists ot tasks or as Keep describes their version, a Reminder.

So its so Keep that I moved, not so much as a complete goodby to Evernote, but more a trial, and I just clicked with the whole thing, ok so I am a big Google fan, and use Gmail and all it offers, Drive plus a lot more, so surprise, surprise, keep fitted better than I had hoped.

So I used keep to store information, the tagging worked and apart from not being able to drag in pdf documents I like every thing it offered, the small way-round the pdf was to store it in a folder within Drive and just gather a link for it and post that into the keep document, it works well.

Then I started to experiment with some of the functions, the best and one I want to promote here, is the reminder. Clicking this within any note allows me to add a date, and get this a time for any action, which appears in Google Cal, yes I use Cal as my main calendar, you have to switch the calendar from Task to Reminder, and low and behold they appear as a small blue icon, if you complete it then click the icon and mark as done, this leaves the note created in Keep intact, and ready for search to loo over it if needed, try and do that in Tasks or my old Moleskin list, almost impossible.

Also, the note in keep is tagged, with a variety, if needed, specific tags if the note applies to more than one project.

One word of slight warning, you can add a reminder straight from Calendar, and it works well, but there is not a note made in Keep, and I just found that adding notes to a keep note reminds me of things I need to know for that task rather than delving into my moleskin, or scraping the depths of my memory, so I make my reminders in Keep, and add my reminder from there.

So there it is, Keep is my new reminder to do things, a repository for my notes and links. The video below is my short overview. As for Evernote, sadly I don't see a use for it, except that I have a lot of notes stored in it, so it remains, that is till I sort a way of transferring it to Keep,,,, let you know !.

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