Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My.Sketchup is quickly coming of age

Have you had chance to play with lately, I should if I were you, its suddenly becoming a very useful tool.

I have left it alone for a month or two, and today I thought lets have a peep and see whats been added, well to my surprise, most of the major tools are there and working well.

First is section plane, and scene settings, these work well and the dialog box for playing the scenes is so easy to set.

Next is save, now if like me you use Chrome, then you might have to to the advanced privacy setting to allow it to communicate, but as its a named site ythis is the only one that it will allow.

Views works well and all the usual are there, so are styles, and to my mind are easier to use than the stand alone program.

Layers are also there and again I find them easy to use and set.

The two main menu pallets are simple to use, but not movable, but they work well and as so small they fold away without taking up to much Realestate.

As for upload I tried to load in a dwg but could not see how to do this, currently limited to skp, jpg & png

If layout is added, then this is going to change the whole CAD market, I can easily do my work on any Chrome book and thats simply going to do away with the rather expensive Mac I currently use, simply because I can't run Autocad or Vectorworks in any other way,

Saving models seems limited, and as far as I can tell, I can't share models with a team, so this area needs work.

Overall I like what I see, the improvements are working well and just need a few tweeks, plus one or two more functions added to make this a real product, but as it's still beta, I don't think I can moan to much, just ask nicely.

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