Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Pixel 2

This is really not anything to do with CPD, more lifestyle. Since 1985 I have for my personal use used Apple, I have paid out a small fortune on there always expensive products , and mostly I have been happy. I even purchased old machines forming a collection of Mac plus units, but sine the death of Steve Jobs, I just lost interest in the Apple ecosystem.

Trying to share proved difficult, and as I worked more with people outside of Apple it got to be just difficult beyond a joke. Along came Google, and there open easygoing way of life and I slowly migrated across taking all my slides, documents, music and photos.

To cement this I purchased a pixel 2, the move is complete, I even purchased a Chromebook, a Google chrome cast and yesterday a VR headset.

What's next, moving my web sites to Google sites, and adding more content, oh and moving my pages documents over.

That's it I have finished the migration, it took a while, for some time I sat on the fence, balacing Apples wants on my MacBook pro with Google, my diary was one major move and migrating mail from Mac mail to Gmail is a blog on it's own. The tidy up is the final job but that's the easy bit.

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